Perfect the Humble Boiled Egg

boiled egg2Ever wondered how the french turn out those boiled eggs with the yolk all gooey and the whites just set?  Use refrigerated eggs, steam them, and handle with tongs. Your boiled eggs will taste so good you’ll never bother with the complication of poached eggs again. Use the best quality eggs you can find and get the timing perfect – the stopwatch on your iPad or iPhone can guarantee success. If you live at high altitude you will need to experiment with the timing as water boils at a lower temperature.

Works for up to 4 eggs – same steps will work perfectly with 1 or 2 as well

Approx 16cm diameter saucepan or pot with lid
Up to 4 refrigerated eggs – do NOT bring up to room temperature
Boiling water

  1. Fill pot with water to around 2cm depth and bring to boil. Eggs will be steamed and should not be submerged.
  2. Use a pair of tongs to lower eggs into simmering water gently, one at a time. Using tongs instead of a spoon will eliminate the hairline cracks and seepage of the white that you often get when boiling eggs. Using refrigerated eggs will mean the white will cook quicker as it is closer to the surface and the yolk will take a lot longer resulting in a soft yolk.
  3. Place lid on the pot – remember they are being steamed.
  4. If you are at sea level boil for EXACTLY  4 minutes, 30 seconds for 700g eggs; 5 minutes for 800g eggs. This will result in a set white and a soft yolk. You may need to adjust this sightly for personal taste but use 20 second increments only as 20 seconds has a significant impact.
  5. Eat with little soldiers.
  6. Better still, shell the egg. Remember to crack the top of the egg first when shelling to minimise the shell sticking when you remove it. Mash egg onto a slice of soy and linseed toast. Top with a quality salt like Maldon and black pepper. Eat immediately.
  7. It’s delicious. This will become a regular breakfast or snack.


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