Dad’s Homemade Natural Muesli

Dad has eaten natural muesli for breakfast for the 35 years I have known him. In the late nineties natural muesli was unobtainable in New York. Dad became real moody and difficult until I found a health food shop that stocked natural ingredients and began making him this home made version.  I used Hawaiian mix to provide the dried fruit component but you can add whatever you like.Muesli

3 cups rolled oats
1½ cups oat bran
2 cups rye flakes
½ cup wheatgerm
½ cup roasted sunflower seeds
75g unblanched almonds
3 cups Hawaiian mix

Mix all together and keep in an airtight container

Note: You can add linseed and/or buckwheat instead of bran if you prefer these.

Ideas for Natural Muesli

  • Use as a topping for plain yoghurt and fruit. Particularly good with sliced banana or blueberries.
  • Eat with orange juice as a change from milk the way dad does



2 responses to “Dad’s Homemade Natural Muesli”

  1. Karen says :

    This is a good one. I’ve been looking for a good recipe… can you get Hawaiian mix here?

    • Liz Sylvester says :

      In Australia a brand called Yummy available from Harris Farm Market make a Tropical Mix which is very similar to the Hawaiian Mix. Macro available at Woolworths make a very nice fruit and nut mixes as does the Market Grocer available from Harris Farm. In addition you will find many good health food stores that sell the base ingredients will also have a variety of fruit mixes available. Anything like tropical or hawaiian or whatever contents take your fancy will work.

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