Smoked Salmon Risotto

This is a lovely risotto that can be made from ingredients that are usually in the pantry and fridge. The secret to success is to use quality arborio rice and to take your time adding the stock – do not boil each addition off too quickly. Enjoy the therapeutic action of stirring the rice and watching it come together over a glass of wine while you chat to a family member or friend.

Serves 4

4 cups Campbells good stock
60 g butter
1 onion, chopped
415g arborio rice
250ml dry white wine
1 large handful sugar snap or snow peas or fresh peas
90g smoked salmon pieces
juice and rind of a lemon (optional)
sprig dill

  1. Heat stock to simmering and retain on a low simmer.
  2. Sauté onion in butter in a large saucepan over med heat.
  3. Add rice to onion and stir to coat grains with butter, toast for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Add wine to rice mixture and stir until absorbed.
  5. Add hot stock, 125ml(1/2 cup) at a time, stirring frequently and allowing stock to be absorbed before adding the next, keeping heat on med/low.
  6. Stir in the snow, sugar snap or fresh peas, with the last 125ml of stock.
  7. When soft and creamy stir thru smoked salmon and lemon juice if using.
  8. Serve immediately garnished with finely grated lemon zest and dill.

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