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Christmas is Coming

Christmas is fast approaching and I will begin posting recipes for the festive season on 29 November. Look out for wonderful salad recipes to accompany your christmas ham or seafood, delicious christmassy sweet treats, and the sorts of food that you can pre-prepare and have in the freezer ready to go when those unexpected guests arrive.


Sydney Food Genealogy – The Origin of your Fine Dining Experiences

Your favourite restaurants – what is the history? Which Chefs do you like to follow? This extract from the SMH on 9 Sept will give you an idea of what new Sydney restaurants you may love.  It leaves out a few of my recent favourites, Sagra and Honeycomb, that originally come from the Gay Bilson/Janni Kyritsis line via Sean’s Panorama and Cafe Sopra, but is a great guide to Sydney’s fine dining.

When I arrived in Sydney in the mid 80’s, the Sydney food scene was just beginning and my regular haunts were Neil Perry’s Rockpool and Tetsuya’s Ultimo’s.  Their food was innovative, extra special, and so affordable. Today  I cannot afford to eat at either of them but find the descendants of Testuya’s and the Gay Bilson/Janni Kyritisi line coming up with the same passion and innovation at a price I am happy to pay.

Is the Sugar Industry Conquering the World to Drive our Families to Obesity?

I was shocked by obesity on my first visit to the USA wayyyyy back in 1980. In my innocent youth I thought the best thing the president could do was to ban sugar.  Subsequently living in Manhattan with my family in 1998, I struggled to find the ingredients to make healthy food.

I have travelled in all the continents and through many countries. Nowhere do I have more issues coping with the available food than the USA.  The scary thing is that the sugar industry is expanding –  invading our world. The trailer for Laurie David’s(An Inconvenient Truth) new documentary, Fed Up, gives you an inkling of how the sugar industry is doing to the world what the tobacco industry once did.

Please watch this three minute trailer and take care when feeding your family.

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